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Dr Niraj Singh

MBBS, MS, MCH (Neuro Surgeon)

11 Years

Dr Neeraj Singh is a board-certified Neurosurgeon. He has an experience of 11 years in the field of Neurosurgery and Neuro Endovascular Intervention. He has dedicated 3 years for subspecialty of stroke and neurovascular intervention. He is one of the few neurosurgeons in India  who has dual training of Microsurgery and Endovascular surgery for vascular pathologies  of brain and spine.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Neuro-oncology

  • Neurovascular Intervention.

  • Image-Guided Neurosurgeries: Neuro-navigation

  • Intraoperative  Electrophysiological Monitoring


OPD/Enquiry-022 25264201



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